New game. Excited.

Lots of design options for the protagonist. Good. I shall be the cutest trainer yet.

Nice music, man.

Shirtless professor? Intriguing.


What’s that? A puppy? A…a rock puppy? I want it.

Hau, sunshine of my life, is my best friend. Consider me pleased.

Island challenges? No gyms? How will I get buff?

I need the rock puppy. Where is it? WHERE IS-

Gladion, moonlight of my life, is my second best friend, whether he knows it yet or not.


Did that sound threatening? I meant it more as a prediction.

A Growlithe! Should I…? Uuh. Uuuuh!! No. I should just stick to catching the new Pokémon.

I caught a Growlithe!

…But I still need that rock puppy.


This game is pretty challenging compared to previous installments. #hardcore

In Alola, trainers are granted licenses to ride Pokemon instead of using HM’s for tasks. It works fine.

What are fairy type Pokémon weak against, again?

Hee hee! The rock puppy is everything I hoped for and more.

Linking with other players is easier than ever and I love it. Battle me, baby!

What do you mean fighting type isn’t effective against Clefable anymore? What do you mean it’s been that way since the last generation?! WHAT IS GOING O-


Alolan Exeggutor should have been the legendary Pokémon for Sun.

Team Skull 4 eva, yo. Rocket can suck it.

In conclusion, I think that everyone should buy this game.

What? Everyone has already bought this game?

…Shut up.