Been waiting to play this for a long time. Apparently it’s about going home and liking girls.

There’s a key under a Christmas duck. What makes it a Christmas duck? Mysteries such as this await.


If I put the house phone in the sink there are no consequences. Yet.

Where’s my family at?

So, there are these punk tapes, right, and they’re so cool to listen to! Or, wait. If I’m punk, aren’t I supposed to say that they’re uncool? Well, they make me feel rad, anyways. Or is it…unrad?


Love the voice acting.

It’s fun to root through my sister’s things.

It’s weird to root through my parent’s things.


This game is unnerving me for some reason. It’s kind of creepy.

There’s an option to start the game with all of the lights on, for those of us who are scared of the dark. That’s sweet.

When Mom and Dad return, will I be grounded for putting the phone in the sink? How about for messing up their bedroom?

Young lesbian love story is a beacon of hope for gamers and developers and a beacon of romance and suspense for me.


Punks are so uncool. *Wink, wink.*

Apparently there’s an achievement for finishing the game in under a minute. I tried so many times. Failed repeatedly. IT’S NOT POSSIBLE I TELL YOU! NOT POSSI-

In conclusion: I can also fit the Christmas duck in the sink. I didn’t find out what makes it Christmassy, though.